Saturday, 11 July 2015

Update Time

I thought it was time for an update!

Earlier this week I received my 50th review for Beneath the Boards on Amazon UK. I'm really pleased about this achievement and  in general the feedback has been excellent. On Amazon it has a review average of 4.4 out of 5 which is another reason to smile.

Also this week I had an email and then a telephone conversation with a nice chap from Amazon. Obviously when I received the email I thought, this is it, you've made it, you've hit the big time!

It didn't quite work out like that though and all he wanted to do was ask me if I was aware the possibility of creating a paperback with CreateSpace was there.
He thought, "Beneath the Boards would sell very well as a paperback!"
I am very aware of that possibility having spent several frustrating hours attempting to create one for my other books and politely told him so. he wished me all the best but it did make me think about CreateSpace.

I'm currently undergoing treatment for a spinal condition and only three weeks ago had a discectomy and laminectomy to help one of the issues. Unfortunately after only three days of relief and the subsequent celebrations my condition deteriorated and is now worse than ever. Another operation is planned which will make it the fifth procedure in the last three years. It's been tough for both me and my wife, Sarah and at times I've felt a bit grim about it all. I think at times I've turned into the fellow below.

I don't mention this for sympathy but to make you understand that I simply haven't go the patience to try to do it again. I could, I probably could, and no doubt some of you will be thinking, 'It ain't that hard.' but simply put, I'm an idiot when it comes to things like this so I know my limitations.
Jonathan Hill, a talented author friend of mine offered to help when I went to him for advice but I know how much he's got on at the moment and I didn't want to add any more to that.
So I've paid someone to do it.
And I've paid James at to complete the cover he made for the ebook version.
I'm very excited about it and although it might not repay the financial outlay, I'm glad I've done it. Whether I'll do anymore is another matter entirely.

Finally, my next book - The Cage is entering the final stages of writing and I hope it'll be ready early/mid September. I'll write some more about that when I've recovered from writing such a lengthy blog post.


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