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A Gathering of Ghosts

In the shadows of Victorian England, the ghosts are gathering. Prepare to have your blood chilled by six tales of fear and phantasmagoria… 

The Silent Bell

The Stonegate Manor Collection
The Haunting of Reverend Carson 
The Last Waltz  
The Speaking Tube
The Ghost Train
Go deeper into David Haynes’s world of the macabre… 

The Undertaker's Cabinet

In the town of Littleoak, Moreton & Sons have been burying the dead for over a century… and Bobby Moreton has had enough.

When Richard Jacobs arrives and makes him an offer for the business, the offer is so good he's tempted. But there's something about Jacobs' killer smile that doesn't feel quite right. In fact it feels wrong, horribly wrong.

There may be another way to save the business… Sell the exquisite antique cabinet that's been waiting in the cellar for another chance to do what it was created for.

Bobby soon realises that's a bad thing, a very bad thing indeed...
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The Scream of Angels 
Montmartre, Paris 1901

The city is alive with the spirit of La Belle Epoque - the beautiful era. It is a decadent time of artists and thinkers, of poets and dreamers.

It is also a time for blood.
The mysterious aristocrat Lord Cresswell offers struggling writer, Robert Bishop a position within Le Grand Guignol theatre, an ancient establishment famed for its bloodthirsty productions and the tortured cries of terror from its patrons.

When he accepts the position, Bishop is thrown into a horrifying mystery. A mystery in which the demons from his own dark past
threaten to destroy his soul.
The Macabre Collection
Three Books of horror for your dark and delicious entertainment. Dare you step inside...?

The date is January 10th 1866 and the snow is falling thick on the blood soaked streets of London.

Take your seats for the magician's mysterious show in Mask of the Macabre.

Suffocate under the festering reek of London's bursting graveyards in Ballet of the Bones.

Witness the horror of a man driven to madness by the loss of those he holds dear in Séance of the Souls.
Séance of the Souls 
January 7th 1855
Brookwood Cemetery, London.

A boy weeps beside the grave of his dead father; his infant sister clings to his leg. It is another pitiless blow for a life already stained with blood.

When all those you hold dear have been taken from you, where do you find solace?

In the arms of the dead, for the living no longer care.

A story of Victorian terror, where all is not quite as it seems...

Ballet of the Bones
London suffocates under the festering reek of its bursting graveyards.

Ballet of the Bones - The curtain goes up on the greatest show on earth, but is everything all it seems?

The Bone House - The grave digger reflects on his morbid life, but what does his future hold?

The Engineer - His creations are beautiful, intricate and for a discerning palate.

Encore - The director makes ready for the end of the show.

Mask of the Macabre 
Mask of The Macabre - A travelling magician appears with a gruesome show. But what secret does it hide?

Doctor Harvey - Bethlem lunatic asylum's newest patient has a story to tell, but how will he tell it to his doctor?

Memento Mori - A photographer is given a mysterious assignment with disturbing consequences.

The New Costume. - The entertainer discovers a new string to his bow and gives the finest performance of his career.

The Boy Who Kissed The Sky

George Roberts believes that when he was nearly four years old he flew; not in an airplane, helicopter or other man made device and not exactly like a bird but he flew nonetheless.

Join him sixteen years later as he takes a road trip across Europe to find the only person who can help him do it again… the only problem is, that person has been dead for three hundred years.

Humour, love and kismet gone mad throw him into an adventure where he learns the true meaning of his flight.

Part road trip, part comedy and part coming of age. The story takes in Brittany and Paris before ending in Copertino, Southern Italy which just happens to be the birth place of St Joseph - the patron saint of flight!

The Swimmer

A battered and lifeless body is dragged from the stormy Atlantic Ocean onto an isolated cove in West Cornwall. Only one man has a clue about his identity and he's trying his hardest to turn away from the human race.

October 1919 - Thirty one men lose their lives in a horrific accident in an exposed Cornish tin mine.

How are the two incidents linked?

Local journalist May Jones and writer, turned hermit Joseph George form an unlikely partnership and attempt to find out

Set in a wild, coastal landscape famed for murderous smugglers and ghostly tin mines. The story weaves through the backdrop of far West Cornwall, a land drenched in the blood of forgotten men.

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