Sunday, 11 January 2015

Classic BBC Horror and a Brief Update

I'm a huge fan of BBC Radio drama but have recently discovered the joys of the 'On Demand' feature on the iPlayer. I've always woken up very early compared to Mrs H and in the past have been accused of huffing and puffing, tossing and turning until I've made sure she's awake. This, of course, is completely true, although don't let her hear me admit it.

As a result I started listening to the radio in an attempt to lie still and fall back to (fat chance) sleep. I got bored with Farming today, although it's a fine programme in its own right, and so I found the iPlayer. And what a find it was.

Under the cloak of darkness I put my earphones in and make my choice. This morning I listened to an adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu's classic gothic vampire tale - Carmilla. 
It was wonderful and extremely atmospheric. From the echoed footfalls in the castle to the howling wind and the clattering of horses hooves it was excellent. The cast was impressive too. 
David Warner (Original Omen film), Kenneth Cranham and Celia Imrie, among others, only added to the experience. 

There's no way I'd fall asleep during that! 

 I don't know if anyone outside of the UK can listen but here's a link anyway.

I hope to be in a position to publish Beneath the Boards in early February.