Thursday, 27 November 2014

Beneath the Boards

Hi, I thought it was about time I introduced my new book properly. As some of you may know it's called Beneath the Boards. You can see the cover below which was once again designed by the artist Michaela Margetts -

So where did the story come from?
Well it originally started quite some time ago. We've been doing some renovations to our house and during one phase we ripped up the carpet up in our dining room. What did we find? A pair of hatches cut into the floorboards, complete with metal loops. Of course, as you can imagine, my mind went into overdrive and I came up with all sorts of reasons for these hatches. Unfortunately, the one which saw me grovelling around in the void - buried treasure, wasn't right.
People 'in the know' have given some fairly mundane reasons why the hatches are there but for me they're simply too boring.
I prefer to imagine something much more sinister...
Of course, the reasons I've come up with don't always meet with approval, especially from my wife, so I decided to write a story about them.
Beneath the Boards has me returning to a more modern style of writing rather than my Victorian ghost and macabre tales.
If I'm honest I find this modern style more challenging but no less enjoyable to write.
The story itself is much darker with a little more gore than usual and again this was a challenge. I'm nearing the end of the first drafting of the tale and expect to release the book in February 2015.
Watch this space!