Thursday, 6 June 2013

Macabre Collection Box Set

After much deliberation I decided to go ahead with the release of The Macabre Collection. It contains the three stories, Mask of the Macabre, Ballet of the Bones and Seance of the Souls.
It wasn't something I set out to do when I first started writing Mask, indeed when I started writing Mask I didn't know if I would do another similar story. Mask was well recieved and for the first time the sales surpassed those in the U.K. All three books have done the same.

I consulted the fantastic crowd at Kindle users Forum regarding whether or not it was a good idea and the general consensus was that it was a good idea. So began the decision about the cover. If you look on Amazon, there are many 'box sets' with a 3D cover which look brilliant. Unfortunately i couldn't replicate anything close to something I was happy with so I went back to Michaela and asked if she could create something in 2D which reflected what was in the collection. I'm really pleased with the result. Additionally, the book will not be enrolled in select and will eventually find its way on the Apple store where I am reliably informed they are removing 3D covers.

I have no idea if this will be a success but it is better value for money, being priced at £1.99. To buy the books separately would cost £2.53.

My only concern is the risk of alienating those who bought the books separately but then again I've bought books and then found them for free or cheaper a few weeks later and it doesn't upset me. I shall keep my tin hat close, just in case and if it does upset people, I apologise.

Michaela Margetts once again did a brilliant job, her website can be found here,