Thursday, 13 June 2013

An Interview with Michael Brookes

Today I'm talking to fellow author, Michael Brookes about beards, Imps and his books.
Tell me about yourself?
My name is Michael Brookes, during the day I work as an Executive Producer for a video games company here in UK. I live in a lovely flat part of the country that has some wonderful clear views of the night sky.
How long have you had a beard and what made you decide to grow one?
I’ve had a beard now for 20 odd years and it was laziness that first caused me to grow it. I hated shaving every morning!
Apart from writing and reading, what other things do you enjoy?
Working and writing occupies most of my time. Occasionally I play a game and I enjoy watching films. I have a marvellous steakhouse nearby that I like to visit when I can.
Your “Tales of The Imp” are very entertaining, yet with equal measure, disturbing. What’s the worst thing your Imp has made you do?
That has yet to be determined. I think he’s happy to lead me gently down the path of perversion and degradation. I know he has an end goal, but he hasn’t revealed his purpose to me. He claims that he’s here to save me, although I’m not convinced.
As a writer of horror fiction yourself, what is the most disturbing book you’ve read?
A tricky question! I think Clive Barker’s Books of Blood would fit the bill. It’s a bit of a cop-out as it’s a collection of stories, but it does show the deranged talent that is Clive Barker.
And what is the most disturbing film you’ve watched?
This one’s a bit easier – it has to be Jacob’s Ladder. A great film on so many levels and the descent into madness hasn’t been bettered in my opinion.
Of all the books you’ve read this year, which one would make the best film?
Rosen Trevithick’s ‘Pompomberry House’ would make a fun film I think.
What is your latest book about and what are you currently working on?
My latest book is called ‘Faust 2.0’. It is about an entity that emerges from the Internet, it’s based upon the concept of the technological singularity. However it also looks at the possibility of what could happen if an ancient demon discovered itself in a new realm. Is it an emergent AI, or is it really a demon? Either way Sarah Mitchell has to find out. And who is the mysterious lawyer who keeps interfering with her investigation.
I’m currently working on the first draft of my next novel – ‘Sun Dragon’. It’s about the first manned mission to Mars after life there has been discovered. What they find there is not what they expected.
Finally, if you were a super hero, what would you call yourself and what would your special power be?
Another difficult question! Batman was a superhero without any special powers except by being very rich, but that’s a boring answer. Maybe I should have the ability to summon any demon I want to and command to do my bidding and rather unimaginatively call myself ‘The Demonologist’.
It would be nice to be able to command the Imp, rather than the other way round :-)

Michaels Blog can be found here where you can also read more about his books

Thank you Michael!