Thursday, 17 September 2015

New Release Day - The Cage


As any author will tell you, releasing a new book is a very exciting business. Today is the day I released The Cage.

I won't bore you with all the details but I talked about it with Mrs H this morning and I realised that along with the excitement there was another emotion involved and that was of relief.
Why relief? she asked.

Well, the book was written through a period of physical difficulty and released whilst I was in bed. I feel relief because I was able to write, what I think is a good story, whilst struggling. Anyway I won't go on but I hope you enjoy the book!

I want to thank my editor, David Wailing for his expert advice. As Stephen King said, "To write is human, to edit is divine."

I also want to thank my friends Kath Middleton and Ju Stacey for their help.

The cover is the work of the brilliant Michaela Margetts.


Caged inside Ted Armstrong’s mind are memories of his old job as a police detective: the victims he saw, the helplessness he felt.
Caged within the Hotel Cromwell is a history of horrific murder, turned into a tourist attraction by the identical twins who maintain their family business.
Caged below the earth is the evidence that Ted has been sent to discover, a legacy of blood-soaked atrocities as dark as his own past.
Caged by snowdrifts and cut off from the outside world, the hotel echoes with terrified screams, hissing voices, and the screech of tortured metal…
getting closer and closer.
It will be available in a variety of stores in the near future but at the moment it's only available in the Amazon store.

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