Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Gathering of Ghosts - Cover!

I'm pleased to reveal the cover for my upcoming book - A Gathering of Ghosts. Once again Michaela Margetts designed it and once again delivered exactly what I wanted. She's very talented!
If you'd like to read how she did it, here's the link -


I'm still hard at work on the book but I'm hoping for a late summer release. If all goes to plan that is.
The book, as you might expect, is inspired by traditional ghost stories, which I love. So far, there are two short stories and two novellas completed with another novella almost finished. I plan to include another short story or two to the list to make the book around fifty thousand words.
So far we have;
The Silent Bell
The Stonegate Manor Collection
The Haunting of Reverend Carson
The Last Waltz
The Speaking Tube (title subject to review)
Anyway I won't waffle on too much and thanks for having a look.