Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mask of the Macabre at only 49p or $0.76!

I woke up this morning to find Amazon have lowered the price of Mask of the Macabre to 49p or $0.76.
If anyone fancies a bargain now's the time to grab it because I have no idea how long it will last!

Four short tales of Victorian terror, each bound to the other by a chilling thread.

The date is January 10th 1866 and the snow is falling thick on the blood soaked streets of a murderous London...

Mask of The Macabre - A travelling magician appears with a gruesome show. But what secret does it hide?

Doctor Harvey - Bethlem lunatic asylum's newest patient has a story to tell, but how will he tell it to his doctor? 

Memento Mori - A photographer is given a mysterious assignment with disturbing consequences.

The New Costume. - The entertainer discovers a new string to his bow and gives the finest performance of his career.

(13,000 words in total)
  • "The four tales are nicely gruesome and splendidly suffused with menace and dread. The writing itself is wonderfully atmospheric." J.Hill- Amazon review
  • "This is a deliciously gruesome collection of four short stories by David Haynes which intertwine cleverly. A compelling read!" Martin - Amazon reviewreview

30 Goodreads ratings - 4.13 / 5
17 Amazon ratings on both .com and .co.UK - 4.4 / 5